Keep these tips in mind when facilitating a family program.

Invite All to Participate

Family programming is all about adults and children participating together. It is important to communicate that programs are for all ages from the very beginning.

Keep the family in family programming

Establish Engagement

Use eye contact, invitations, and words to encourage participation from all ages. Remember to respect family agency and dynamics.

Encourage all ages to join in

Maximize Engagement

After a family accepts the invitation to participate and begins a program, it falls to the facilitator to encourage all family members to engage throughout the activity.

Keep everyone engaged

Continue the Experience

Ending on a high note encourages families to continue their experience, provides opportunities for reflection, and inspires families to learn more.

Spark further exploration

Tips for Hiring and Training Facilitators

Use these tips and resources to find the best staff and train them to deliver engaging, multigenerational programming.

Find and equip the best facilitators